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What We Do

Get Help - Do It for You!

The theme of the Timelist Group is that, " It's Never Too Late to Change." We firmly believe that we have the will and power to beat addiction of all kind. Sign-up, join our groups, be empowered and inspired by our team. Addiction appears in different forms:

  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Gambling

Addiction Counseling

Alcohol/Drugs and Other Addictions:

Set Goal: Be free of drug/alcohol use/abuse

  • Avoid people, places and situations where temptation might be overwhelming
  • Explore dynamics relating to being the [child/husband/wife] of an [alcoholic/addict] and discuss them each week at support group meetings
  • Learn five triggers for alcohol & drug use
  • Reach ____ days/months/years of clean/sober living

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Tel: 323.629.5996

Tel: 323.389.8664



Community Partners

  • LA Family Housing
    LA Family Housing
  • Safe Place for Youth
    Safe Place for Youth
  • Lancaster United Methodist Church
    Lancaster United Methodist Church
  • My Friends Place
    My Friends Place
  • Paving the Way Foundation
    Paving the Way Foundation
  • The Center - Hollywood
    The Center - Hollywood