Ambassador Academy

The Ambassador Academy is a program designed to create a career pathway for individuals (men and women) who are formerly incarcerated. However, anyone who has a genuine desire to change their lifestyle and needs the necessary tools to get ahead can enroll in this program. Our goal is that this program will lead to economic empowerment for each member who decides to complete this program. The program is a 3-6 month requirement, depending on individualized assessment.

Academy Enrollment – Click Here

Charles and Cortez

Members will gain the following upon completion of the Academy:

• Soft Skills/Communication techniques
• Basic Life Skills
• Basics in Technology, using mobile devices and apps
• Resume building
• Job Readiness
• Employment Opportunities within the social enterprise at TimeList or partner agencies
• Economic Empowerment
• Career Pathways (becoming a leader, reentry coach, speaker, mentor, etc.)

Class schedules will be posted online, and you will be notified when the program is set to begin a new cohort.

The Academy

This platform is our Professional Development Academy, in partnership with YW Consultants, LLC, designed to educate Communities of Color towards social and economic advancement.

Theme: Building New Leadership Among Communities of Color

We invite young students (high school and college) to be the ambassadors of civic engagement and change in the Antelope Valley

Contact us: 661-233-3959

To enroll in Job Readiness Training, click here.

Workshop - Earl Simms

Get Personal Coaching Services

  • Youth, High School age, and TAY (Transitional Age Youth)
  • Parents (Teen and Adult)
  • Teachers
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Government employees
  • Administrators
  • and more …

Promoting education, skills training, business development, and entrepreneurship

We are determined to build up and support young professionals who are in need of safe spaces to grow in.

We are committed to making a positive difference that inspires hope and nurtures entrepreneurship.

Who are the Alumni?

Homeless InitiativeIn 2007, the group, headed by Yusef-Andre Wiley, approached Avenal State Prison administrators with a proposal to establish the group as a legitimate program recognized by prison officials. We called our program Timeless – A Lifer Support Group. As interest in rehabilitation grew, Timeless opened its workshops to the entire prison population and, eventually, parolees. Through the curriculum we created and the work the participants put in, we discovered if a person is willing and able to think critically about his/her life and the world around, he/she will realize “it is never too late to change.”

So, who are the alumni? These are the very men who form the moral conscience and culture of Timelist. They represent leadership building blocks and blueprints for other Timelist members to follow and replicate in their community. All alumni leaders are former lifers who hold key leadership positions in the Timelist Group operations. Today, the alumni continue to train and develop new leadership within the program that has completed all necessary courses during and after incarceration.


We Do: Public Speaking Engagements

  • Trauma-Informed Security [Training] Prepare and equip your security team with the necessary tools needed for de-escalation and prevention
  • Curriculum Development [Training] Empower your clients/members with the educational tools that will enable them to lead productive lives
  • Coaching Models [Training] Engage and empower your personnel and clients to be leaders through self-discovery designed to build self-esteem, self-awareness, and much more.

We are also available for:

Motivational speaking engagements and seminars – Click here to learn more or request a speaker.

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