Here is what people are saying about TimeList.

TimeList is comprised of people with the highest integrity. Timelist draws on lived experience, lessons learned through hardship, and tempered in the furnace of time. Timelist embodies honesty, responsibility, and self-sacrifice. I endorse Timelist without reservation to anyone who aspires to be better than their past.

Aaron Lowers

The TimeList Group has been and still is a lifesaver for me personally. All of the men that I have met through this beautiful organization have been a true Blessing. Their motivation and genuine attitude coveys how much they care and want to see individuals succeed. (1love to all my comrades)

Taylor LaVel

I am a believer! I am grateful and thankful that someone out there is trying to promote a safe haven and program that reduces Recidivism. We all need a Second Chance at some time in our lives!

Patricia Calloway

Wonderful group serving people impacted by our criminal injustice system. Keep up the amazing work!

Sonja Tonnesen
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