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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  As of December 1, 2017, Timelist Group will no longer be authorizing Course Material to be conducted inside...

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Case Studies

Case Studies   Reentry Trends In The U.S. Recidivism The most recent BJS recidivism study estimated the recidivism patterns of...

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Direct Services

Jail/Prison In-Reach

CDCR BPH Support

Self-Help Rehabilitation – Workshop Series

Support for Women in Reentry

Men Reentry Housing

Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention

History of Timelist.

Timeless, (once upon a time) was a group without a name. Originally, several prisoners serving life terms at Avenal State Prison came together to create a support base for inmates like themselves.  The objective was to brainstorm on strategies that they could learn and use towards obtaining freedom through the parole board and/or the judicial process. This committed group would meet every Sunday on the recreation facility on the bleachers until word spread as their numbers began to grow. Through sharing case law related to life sentences and discussing self-help methods the group continued to come together and a few even gained their freedom. In 2007, the group decided to approach prison administrators with a proposal to establish the group as a legitimate program recognized by prison officials. Led by Yusef-Andre Wiley this is when the group became TIMELESS – A Lifer Support Group. As interest around rehabilitation grew Timeless decided to open its workshops to the entire inmate population and parolees. Timeless is a reminder to the human being that, if you are willing and the ability to think, “it is never too late to change” which became the tag line of our support group circles and courses designed to address the various social and cognitive behavioral problems many incarcerated individuals struggle with.

For legal reasons, Timeless changed to Timelist (its alternate name) because the name “Timeless” was already in use by companies/organizations. Of the 500+ clients served by Timelist, only 0.1% have re-offended.

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  • Life Skills or Soft Skills training
  • Entrepreneurship Development/Technical skills through Cisco Networking Academy
  • Job Placement
  • Family Reunification
  • GED prep and enrollment, adult math ON-LINE
  • Computer Literacy
  • Business development and planning
  • Drug & Alcohol counseling sessions
  • Follow up services