Here are some useful resources we have compiled.

  • YW Consultants is committed to empowering those who wish to establish, improve, or grow their leadership skills. Through coaching, powerful storytelling, and workshops, YWC creates space for clients to transform every aspect of their life.

  • The One Stop Centers offers employment workshops and assistance to former incarcerated individuals and much more.

  • We receive tons of mail from Correctional Institutions daily. If you have loved ones inside who have written to us, please know that we work hard to respond to their letters promptly. We are here to serve. Thank you for your patience.

  • Prisoner Reentry Network (PRN) was founded to support individuals anticipating release from prison by providing information and resources to individuals anticipating release from prison. The PRN provides directions home, information on obtaining identification and social services, and connections to service providers on the outside. PRN also supports individuals each week through the Hope for Lifers program, a program organized and run by prisoners committed to life sentences inside San Quentin State Prison. For example, as part of its “Directions Home” project, PRN called all of CA’s prisons to determine where they take individuals when they are released. If you know someone anticipating release from prison, feel free to ask what PRN can do for them.

  • Root and Rebound offers legal assistance and training for those in reentry as well as service providers with reentry client base.



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