Timelist Amplified

We are grassroots at heart, so we know and understand that the way to push a vital mission and vision is through multi-media. Therefore, we needed to create this department responsible for our Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing activity.

Anyone seeking to do a story or interview anyone from our agency, please note that we are passionate about the following causes:

  • Second Chances for Returning Citizens
  • Housing First
  • Access to permanent housing for individuals with felonies or who are experiencing homelessness
  • Access to affordable housing and housing voucher programs for returning citizens
  • The elimination of Life Without the Possibility of Parole for Youth Offenders
  • Ban the Box
  • Beds Not Sidewalks
  • Jobs Not Jails
  • Education Not Prisons
  • Restorative Justice

Story-telling and Lived Experiences

Stories to ask about:

  • The Timelist Alumni, who are they?
  • How was the TimeList Group started inside the prison system as a Self-Help Group?
  • How many employees were formerly incarcerated?
  • How were they able to start a security company?
  • Our take on ending homelessness.
  • What is our recidivism rate as an agency?

For inquiries, please contact our Chief Marketing and PR Representative:

Amplified Marketing Partnerships
Gwynet Charles Bryant
President & CEO

Cell: 646-725-0022
Office: 757-807-9004
Email: gcb@goamplified.agency

Visit the contact page for more TimeList contacts.

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