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We are a grassroots at heart so we know and understand that the way to push a strong mission and vision is through multi-media. Therefore, we found it necessary to create this department which will be responsible for all of our Public Relations, Communications and Marketing activity.

Anyone seeking to do a story or interview anyone from our agency, please note that we are passionate about the following causes:

  • Second Chances for Returning Citizens
  • Housing First
  • Access to permanent housing for individuals with felonies or who are experiencing homelessness
  • Access to affordable housing and housing voucher programs for returning citizens
  • The elimination of Life Without the Possibility of Parole for Youth Offenders
  • Ban the Box
  • Beds Not Sidewalks
  • Jobs Not Jails
  • Education Not Prisons
  • Restorative Justice

Chief Marketing and PR Representative


Amplified Marketing Partnerships

President & CEO

Cell: 646.725.0022  Office Tel: 757.807.9004

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Community Partners

  • LA Family Housing
    LA Family Housing
  • Safe Place for Youth
    Safe Place for Youth
  • Lancaster United Methodist Church
    Lancaster United Methodist Church
  • My Friends Place
    My Friends Place
  • Paving the Way Foundation
    Paving the Way Foundation
  • The Center - Hollywood
    The Center - Hollywood