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What We Do

We’ve worked with some of the best in our field to conduct research on those we serve to bring this educational material to you.

We’ve also scoured the web for other resources that may help you in understanding the magnitude of our cause that affects thousands each year.

We receive tons of mail from Correctional Institutions daily. If you have loved ones inside that have written to us, please know that we work hard to respond to their letters in a timely manner. We are here to serve. Thank you for your patience.

Employment & Training Opportunities

The Work Source Center is a great resources for both homeless and reentry populations trying to restart their careers in the workforce. We encourage our members to take advantage of this second chance resource.

The One Stop Centers offers employment workshops and assistance to former incarcerated individuals and much more.

Useful Business Resources

T-Shirt Making with Cat'ron Couture Clothing by Catherine Perkins.

Cleaning Services

LA's S&A Cleaning Services LLC