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Ruben Sanchez

In my life, I find the transformation I experienced in prison much more significant than the incarceration itself. I cannot change past or negative experiences, but I can and have learned from them.  What is most important to me is that I share why I did not surrender to despair and why I became determined not to isolate myself into a prison mindset.

Family. There are people who love, care, and worry about me.  They have faith that I will come home soon.  I made a decision to respond to this love by caring about myself, and in the process, I learned to care about others. I participate in the Timelist Group to become a better person and to be family and a friend supporting those who desire to transform their lives. 

There is an opportunity to become a better person in each one of us.  Whether a prisoner helping another prisoner or a family member or friend helping one another, we all can become better people. I invite you to support us and participate in our transformation.

Ruben Sanchez now resides in Los Angeles with his family and is doing community work.

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