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What We Do


When you use our service you are helping to empower our community. We recruit and train the most dedicated, trauma informed individuals with lived experience to perform security and outreach duties. Therefore, we operate with purpose which makes it easy for organizations and agencies to work with us as a team. So, hire us today for security and/or outreach support!

Security and Community Outreach Support

Security Guards

Special event at St. Joseph Center

  • Regularly patrolling the premises
  • Monitoring surveillance equipment
  • Obtaining and facilitating help from first responders, (when needed)
  • Preventing losses and damage
  • Regular training’s for security personnel through our training manual
  • Reporting and Strategic Planning
  • Coverage for special events
  • Security needs for shelters and other types of  homeless facilities
  • Community engagement and crowd control


Other Services

We are building our workforce development component with men and women who deserve a second chance who possess enormous talent that Timelist see as an asset to our community. Hence, these are the ares in which we are training our members. 

  • Janitorial Services
  • Case Management Services
  • Life Coaching (Peer to Peer)
  • Security Consulting

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