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Many of the people that come to us are formerly incarcerated Muslims that are indigent and that also require housing needs. Zakat has been requested by donors as an option to support those that are accessing our services that are of the Islamic faith. Though we are not a faith-based community we do recognize that this option is important for those who would like to support us for specific reasons as zakat is a specific type of fund that can only be used for this reason.


At some point we are hoping to have a fully operational housing transition facility for returning citizens from incarceration, both male and female residents. Union City is centrally located in the Bay Area, we will be offering the best wrap around services in Job Training, Job Placement, Counseling, Career Mentoring, Housing and Mental Health Assistance. 

This is why it is so important that we receive strong support from the community. We anticipate that these services will be established in Los Angeles County thereafter.

Mayor Carol Dutra-Venaci learns more about reentry in California

Mayor Carol Dutra-Vernaci of Union City CA














We like to thank Union City officials and staff for all of their help and support shown towards the Timelist Group.