Program Schedule | Summer

 Open Enrollment Policy. (NO FEES)                          Note: Anyone can visit our office or enroll during business hours.  
Start Time: 11:00 AM Transition Intervals: 30 (in minutes)
Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
(Adult) Male Only (Adult) Female Only (Youth) Male Only (Co-ed) Open to Public CLOSED (Co-ed) Open to Enrollees (Co-ed) Open to Public
10:00 AM Computer Lab: Computer Lab: Computer Lab: Computer Lab:  Computer Web Design Course  Computer Programming Course
11:30 AM
12:00 PM On-line Research Tutorial
12:30 PM On-line Research On-line Research Career Building
1:00 PM Job Search Job Search Tutorial Building My Business Plan
1:30 PM Job Readiness Sessions Job Assistance Tutorial Entrepreneurship IT Seminar
2:00 PM Transition Transition Tutorial Transition  Board Meeting (Optional)
2:30 PM Life Skills: Life Skills: Tutorial Education:
3:00 PM Managing  Finances Managing Finances Tutorial GED Prep
3:30 PM Daily Planner, Time Management Daily Planner, Time Management Tutorial Resume Building
4:00 PM Relationship Building Group Counseling One-on-One Couseling
4:30 PM Transition Transition One-on-One Couseling
5:00 PM Education Courses: Skills Development: Skills Development: Staff Training (Optional)
5:30 PM Math and English IT Orientation Job Prep
6:00 PM Staff Computer Programming Course
6:30 PM Staff