The Timelist Group is a multi-cultural non-profit 501(c)3 community based organization who’s founding members were formerly incarcerated. Our aim is to empower both our youth and adult members of the community with educational tools, resources, positive influences, skills development and leadership training in order to keep them on a path that will guide them to success.

The name TIMELIST? The name originated from individuals serving ‘Time and having a desire to offer programs to the inmate population. Correctional staff only allows inmates to participate in self-help programs if their names are on a ‘List. The founding members understood this and began visiting each housing unit with a sign-up list. Out of that the theme became: ” It’s Never Too Late to Change “ This is how you now have an organization called: Time-List.

Located in the SF Bay Area Alameda County.    image001We also have a small base in Tulare and Los Angeles County which focuses primarily on it’s in custody population. We have a curriculum designed to support High School age at-risk youth that may or may not be under the supervision of the probation department. We encourage parents, School District Administrators, Juvenile Probation and Detention Centers to reach out to us for our services which we are able to provide on-site and off-site.

Our RE-ENTRY and COMMUNITY SERVICES are available to the following communities: UNION CITY, FREMONT, NEWARK AND HAYWARD.

In Partnership with

Prisoner Reentry Network (PRN) was founded to support individuals anticipating release from prison by providing information and resources to individuals anticipating release from prison.
The PRN provides directions home, information on obtaining identification and social services, and connections to service providers on the outside. PRN also supports individuals each week through the Hope for Lifers program, a program organized and run by prisoners committed to life sentences inside San Quentin State Prison. For example, as part of its “Directions Home” project, PRN called all of CA’s prisons to determine where they take individuals when they are released.
If you know someone anticipating release from prison, feel free to ask what PRN can do for them. 

City of Union City, CA

Cisco Networking Academy

Union City Youth and Family Services

Prisoner Reentry Network

Fremont Resource Center

Life Support Alliance

People for Community Improvement, L.A.

 New Haven Adult School

The Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center – Newark

Alameda County Community Food Bank