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Make a difference in our community.

We will begin 2019 with a bang! This is our intention as we are looking forward to rolling out our landscaping service as a social enterprise to employ our housing residents and other, we also must expand our housing from 16 beds to at lease 30. And lastly, we must continue to engage our youth by providing violence prevention services through mentoring, tutoring and recreation. Funding goals for 2018-19 have been prioritized as follow:

  • Timelist Security: Social Enterprise $20K

  • Housing Program: Expansion $24K

  • Youth Leadership Academy: Technology Development $6K

Real change starts with you.

You have the power to donate your time or money to positively impact the lives of everyone we serve. Even a small donation can make a big difference. Thanks for taking the time to consider donating to our cause to help better our community.